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Local Journeys has also helped to organise projects with individuals, community groups and schools to explore and express different places in the landscape. These might result in a slideshow, a set of stories, artwork, music or a knowledge trail.

Some of these projects have created an activity which you might want to do if you visit a location - such as a music or a story to listen to as you walk.

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Local Journeys has also helped to organise projects with individuals, community groups and schools to explore and express different places in the landscape. These might result in a slideshow, a set of stories, artwork, music or a knowledge trail.

Some of these projects have created an activity which you might want to do if you visit a location - such as a music or a story to listen to as you walk.

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Things to read, watch or listen to while you're out and about

Avon Valley Woodlands – Walking with Cameras


Another wet day at the end of a wet summer. But the trees and plants were very lush, the river and streams full, everywhere was exotically green. More »

Beside the Sea

Beach exploration and printmaking workshop at Brean with children from Berrow Primary School plus a downloadable book PDF

In July 2011 pupils from Berrow CofE Primary had an exciting morning at Brean. The 11 year olds fished in rock pools and dug in the sand for worms and shellfish. Hundreds of shrimps were caught, some small fish and very fierce crabs. More »

Brean Family Day Out

Audio slideshows of photos and sounds gathered during a morning on the Down and an afternoon on the beach plus a downloadable audio story

On a sunny and breezy day in July 2011 Weston families came on a trip to Brean. They had an absorbing time uncovering the history of Brean Down and a lot of fun creating new stories with storyteller Martin Maudsley. More »

Bristol Docks in detail - photo exploration

Exhibition of photography by 6th form students from St Mary Redcliffe School, Bristol

A vigorous project with talented AS level students produced some remakable photographs, imaginatively presented. More »

Channel Weather Symmetry

A short film with sound and music and GPS guided sound and music walks smartphone app

Sound artist Geraint Ffrancon has collaborated with photographer and filmmaker Nicky Brown to create a short film with music - a portrait of the weather as it rolls up the Bristol Channel from the Spring of 2011 through to the Winter 2012.  More »

Exploring the Underfall Yard, Bristol Docks

photos, poetry and collages by year 6 Hotwells Primary School

On a bright morning in March 2009 year 6 pupils (11yrs) from Hotwells Primary School walked the short distance down the hill from their school to the Floating Harbour. They carried cameras and clipboards and were accompanied by school staff as well as Ralph Hoyte, poet and Peter Milner, photographer, from Local Journeys. More »

Following Colliter's Brook upstream


The walk up the Colliter's Brook was with the Three Hearts Walking Group from Hartcliffe was organised in collaboration with Helen Adshead of South Bristol Riverscapes project. More »

Kites at Brean

Kite-making and kite-flying workshops at Brean and make an easy and brilliant kite of your own for a few pence.

Local Journeys has held two kite workshops at Brean. The first for holidaymakers and the second with a class from a local school. Both were sponsored by the National Trust and used the upstairs room at the Brean Cafe as a base. More »

Light at Brean

An exhibition of mono-prints by Ruth Ander of sea and landscapes seen from Brean Down

During July 2011 there was an exhibition of Ruth Ander's beautiful monoprints upstairs at the Brean Cove Cafe. This room has wonderful views and was a splendid setting for Ruth's evocative images. The exhibition was of seascapes and distant landfalls of the Bristol Channel, in all its moods, as seen from Brean Down. More »

Malago Trek '09

audio-slideshow of photos and sounds from 2010 walk to the source of the Malago

For the past few years there has been an annual walk following the Malago and Pigeonhouse Streams to the nominated source of the Malago on Dundry Hill. More »

Music on Mendip

Listen while you walk in the beautiful Mendip Hills – free downloads of music by Duncan Speakman and Churchill School students

The Music on Mendip project brings you the creative results of a collaboration between Duncan Speakman and over 40 GCSE music students and their tutors from Churchill School – new music inspired by Dolebury Warren, one of the most evocative sites in the Mendips. More »

Pill Community Choir at the Pill Orchard


In March 2008 the Pill Choir were scheduled to come to Pill Community Orchard on Watchhouse H

Pill Food Journeys

finding and cooking food in the local landscape with Pill schools – project description, audio-slideshow and photosheets

A project with two schools in Pill, North Somerset to explore the local countryside, find out what food is being raised there, discover who's involved, taste some local food and do some cooking. More »

Pill Longshore seat, geocaches and guide

A bespoke seat in an unusual place with other wayside attractions

  More »

Poetry & Places - Coastal Path Clevedon - Portishead

Tonic for the Heart

A poem about a walk on a brilliantly sunny day in May on a path overlooking the Bristol Channel. The sea is as blue as the sky and the colours of everything – flowers, trees, rocks – are brilliant and intoxicating. There's also a reason for the walk – to collect hawthorn flowers ...  More »

Poetry and Places – Why the Avon Gorge?

A re-telling of an old story

This a retelling of a story remembered. The original story featuring the giants Vincent and Gorham is apparently quite old, first written down in the 16th century – whether it stretches back into antiquity is another matter. Anyway the story has been pulled and pushed about to explain various geological features in the Gorge and surrounding landscape. You can find out more here. More »

Poetry journey around Bristol's Floating Harbour – read or listen to the whole poem by Ralph Hoyte

downloadable soundfiles, text and map

An epic poem that can be read or listened to as an accompaniment to a walk around Bristol's Floating Harbour. More »

Recording the Streets - Oldbury Court Housing Estate

Young People from From Vale Academy photograph a post-war local authority estate on Bristol's north-eastern fringe

Local Journeys was commissioned by the English Heritage Schools Initiative to work with children at Frome Vale Academy in March 2013 on a photo-investigation of a post-war housing estate. The photographers were aged 7-9 years old, many of whom are residents. This project was very much about 'knowing your place'. More »

Stormy Weather

a programme of exhibitions and activities at Brean Down

Local Journeys, in partnership with the National Trust, has been organising an exciting programme of exhibitions, learning activities and journeys focussed on the dramatic headland of Brean Down. The projects have and will involve schools, visual artists, scientists, musicians, photographers as well as interested visitors to Brean Down. More »

Story Journey with Hannah Moore Primary School

Exploring and imagining in Bristol's Floating Harbour

As part of the Floating Harbour 200 celebrations Local Journeys organised three different schools projects. This project with year 6 of Hannah More Primary School took place in February 2010. It was a collaboration with Bristol Ferry Company and Bristol City Museum Education Department. More »

Troopers Hill - Walking with Cameras

audio slideshow made from photos taken by a group of people

In October 2008 a group of people went for a walk on Troopers Hill with their cameras. This was a public event organised by the Arts Development Unit and the Walking for Health Team at South Gloucestershire Council – it combined walking and photography. More »

Walking with Cameras in Golden Valley


On  a November afternoon in 2008 a group of people met to walk through an autumn woodland with their cameras. Buried in the woods are the remains of an ochre factory. There is evidence ochre all around, in the deep red colours of the soil and the remains of the buildings are also stained red. More »

Warmley Forest Park – Walking with Cameras


On a dull, damp Sunday afternoon in November 2008 six people gathered for a photographic exploration of Warmley Forest Park. But it was just the right time of year for delicious autumn colours – not just leaves and berries but also fungus and moulds– and the low light seemed to make the colours glow. More »

Wildlife Safari 1 - Pill fields

Guided explorations of local landscapes and discovering wildlife with children and families

This project was mainly for young people between the ages of 7-14 and organised through and for the local children and young people's partnership - Pill Kids. It was, in part, designed to bring young people to a green area of meadows, woods, ponds and hedges close to the heart of the village – a natural green playground. More »

Wildlife Safari 2 - Ham Green

Further explorations of landscapes and wildlife for children and families in northern-most North Somerset.

A second wildlife safari (a follow-up to Wildlife Safari 1 - Pill fields) for families took place in late summer and focused on the other end of Pill village - this area is Ham Green and has quite different environments to the fields, ponds and copses of the first event. More »

World of Small - Portishead Primary School

Discovering the natural world from a small perspective

In July Local Journeys delivered another World of Small project with Portishead Primary School at Avon Wildlife’s Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve. This time thankfully the sun shone and the same team who had braved the winter weather the previous November with Crockerne Pill Junior School in cool and very wet conditions, needed sun-block instead of wellies! More »

World of Small – Crockerne Primary

A journey through local countryside with people who were only a few inches tall. Not everything went as planned.

The World of Small is a broad project that aims to find different ways to engage young people with their local landscapes but also involve them in some nature detective work that draws upon a range of skills and techniques to uncover an astonishing miniature world living and breathing on all our doorsteps. More »