Kites at Brean

Local Journeys has held two kite workshops at Brean. The first for holidaymakers and the second with a class from a local school. Both were sponsored by the National Trust and used the upstairs room at the Brean Cafe as a base.

The workshop for visitors in August went very well. Children and adults set to with scissors and glue to make kites out of paper, fabric and bamboo with the help and guidance of Sally and Jack from Tangentfield. They then had the challenge of making them fly. The stiff breeze was the tail-end of tropical storm Helene blown in from all the way across the Atlantic, so the kites were eager to lift into the air, spiral crazily across the sky as well as plummet into the sand. A few repairs were needed. But lots of concentration, collaboration, perseverance, discovering craft skills and finding out about the wind. There were some great family moments - absolutely lovely people.         


For the school workshop in October we worked with class 5 from Berrow Cof E Primary and what a group of enthusiastic and bright individuals they were! They already knew a great deal about the atmophere, gases, evaporation and climate change. They even had a song about the water cycle. But we were able to show them how to make a kite out of a polythene bag. Lots of fun and invention.

The weather, which had been dark and moody all day, but with a steady breeze which took the kites up high, only decided to deliver rain at the very last moment, when we all had to come back from the beach anyway.  Perfect!                                                                                                                                                                                                             

If you'd like to see more photos of the school workshop please click here.


You can also make your own very-easy-to-make-and-fly sled kite. Clickhere sled_kite_template.pdf