World of Small – Crockerne Primary

The World of Small is a broad project that aims to find different ways to engage young people with their local landscapes but also involve them in some nature detective work that draws upon a range of skills and techniques to uncover an astonishing miniature world living and breathing on all our doorsteps.

This World of Small project was with Crockerne CofE Primary School in Pill North Somerset in a very wet November in 2012.  Flooding prevented us from going to our original destination. So we visited the Glebe Pond, tucked into the corner of some nearby meadowland, to discover the World of Small. It had stopped raining, the pond was brimming and the children excited and eager.

The question was 'What would the world be like if we were only a few inches high?' How would we live? How would we find food and shelter? What would we do? We had with us naturalist Rob Harvey and storyteller Michael Loader to help us discover and imagine this new world. 

The children explored with magnifying glasses and filled their collecting boxes with interesting things. They also began some stories about what it would be like to live in this wet world if you were very small. You would go up.

Back at school they looked at their finds through microscopes connected to computers. There were many beautiful and unexpected shapes and details.

They also started to put their ideas into proper story form. Michael helped them to think about beginnings, middles and endings.

On the second day we continued with the theme of 'mud' and used clay to make some figures from the World of Small, both as prints and models. The idea was to find new ways to illustrate our stories. 

In the afternoon we took our models back to the Glebe Pond and arranged them in branches of trees or beside rocks at the edge of the pond. This is where they live now. On the way there and back the young people worked on a grand story with Michael.

If you'd like to read the story it's in this book. You can download it by clicking on this link  application/pdf iconWorld of Small Crockerne book.pdf